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The world's largest tent: covers an area of 140,000 square meters

       In 1997, President Nazarbayev moved the capital of Kazakhstan from Almaty to the relatively cold and remote northern city of Astana (then called Akmola). More than a decade later, the "tentur Khan" tents have now become the city's new landmarks.

       According to the National Geographic website, "Khan Shatyr" (Khan Shatyr) large tent on July 5 this year in the capital of Astana, Kazakhstan for the first time open to the public to become the city's futuristic architecture "new members" It is known by the President of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev and his designer as the world's largest tent.

1. "Chartres Khan" big tent

       "Tyler Khan Khan" The big tent is designed by Foster Partners, headquartered in London, England. Nigel Dancey, a senior partner at the company, says the tilting needle The entertainment center is designed to evoke memories of the yurts: "The yurts as a traditional nomadic form of architecture in the history of the Kazak nation caused a strong resonance." Chartel Khan "can be roughly translated into" Khan or King's tent. " In 1997, President Nazarbayev moved the capital of Kazakhstan from Almaty to the relatively cold and remote northern city of Astana (then called Akmola). More than a decade later, "Saudi Arabia Er Khan "big tent now became the city's new landmark building.

2. giant three-legged bracket

       "Chartel Khan" big tent built with three and a half years, is said to be the world's largest tent, more accurate point that should be the world's largest tension structure. A 492-foot (about 150 meters), weighing 2000 tons of three mast stands in the "Chartres Khan" tent central, supporting a huge steel mesh and three transparent plastic, the three layers of plastic in the sun into the At the same time, but also to keep the heat inside. The project requires 650 professional climbers, and must also be carefully arranged on the date of construction to avoid working in the cold winter, because Kazakhstan winter temperatures can be reduced to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. "It was a place for the people of Astana to be able to enjoy it all year round," Dennis said.

3. Monorail in tents

       In June this year, the workers on the "Chartel Khan" large tent in the monorail car for the last time maintenance. According to Professor William Fierman of the University of Indiana at the University of Indiana in the middle of the Eurasian continent, although the external design to break the routine, but the "tomel Khan" large tent inside the regular shopping malls in the United States to pass the time Of the people, should be familiar with the. Fairman recently visited the "Chartres Khan" big tent. He said: "The biggest difference lies in the mobile game." "Chartel Khan" large tent covers an area of 1.5 million square feet (about 140,000 square meters), the internal is actually a leisure center, visitors can Shopping, eating, watching movies, drinking coffee, playing games, etc., there is even a completely made with sand indoor "beach".

4. "Chartel Khan" spectacular shine

       In this photo taken in June this year, "Chartres Khan" large tent in the Kazakhstan National Oil and Gas Company (KazMunaiGas) Astana headquarters archway center. Dennis explained that unlike the Leaning Tower of the Pisa in Italy, the "tentur Khan" large tent was deliberately designed to tilt to one side: "According to our overall design, 'Chartel Khan' and Astana The overall planning of the entire city is in line with the city's impressive central axis to provide an end point. "" Chartel Khan "The big tent is located at the end of the sidewalk running through the central axis of Astana and the other end Known as the "peace and rehabilitation of the temple," the pyramid-like cultural research center, this building is also designed by the Foster architectural design firm.

5. Mobile game

       In June this year, Kazakhstan workers are assembling "Saitel Khan" large tent in the mobile game. "Chartres Khan" is one of the many milestone construction projects in Astana. In addition to the pyramid-like peace and complex of the temple, the city also includes a 34-storey high, the top of a huge golden sphere of the monument and a petal inspired design and construction of the music hall. "Chartel Khan" in the July 5 open to the public, marking the celebration for many days to start the curtain. These celebrations include the performance of the Italian blind bassist Andrei - Bocelli, the fireworks show, and the leaders of several countries also attended the event.

6. Past and present contrast

       In June of this year, the capital of Astana, Kazakhstan, in the surrounding shady house against the backdrop, "Chartel Khan" big tent appears to stand out. Fairman said that although the big tent into the "Chartres Khan" is free, but many of the shops and entertainment facilities may not be to meet the needs of ordinary people in Kazakhstan. For example, tickets for artificial beaches are about $ 60, while Kazakhstan's average teachers have an average annual salary of only $ 250 to $ 300. "So projects like artificial beaches are clearly beyond the capacity of many people," says Fairman.

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